Why is Consumable collaborating with Triller? How with this partnership benefit the company and their advertisers in the long run?

Triller partnered with the digital advertising company, consumable earlier this week. Their new partnership will increase Triller’s profitability, giving it a similar ad momentum to Tik Tok. It will allow for both brands and companies to create easily consumable videos, allowing for the brands to have a use for Triller and for the companies that make the content to be able to connect to a younger audience that would be inserted in between Triller videos on the app. Youths, Millenials, and even older generations are downloading TikTok, Triller, and other similar apps. It’s no surprise businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to create content and to be able to push out advertising onto these platforms. 

Consumable is a platform that “pairs engaging bite-size content with digital display and video ads,” and that has a unique perception of Triller’s user’s short-term attention span. The company prides itself on creating advertisements that are especially suited for these types of consumers. The goal is to combine Triller videos with Consumable’s short-form advertising style to create a social media platform for media publisher websites. The individuals who use Consumable’s services might pick up on the benefits of Triller and similar sights and might hop on to the bandwagon. It would certainly benefit the site if companies and brands paid the place to advertise there through Consumable. With over 250 million downloads, it isn’t a surprise that Consumable is more than willing to partner with Triller. 

Triller claims it has 65 million monthly active users, although this number is widely debated. The number of downloads an app has can be used to gauge how popular the app is based on how many people actively use it. However, this doesn’t mean 65 million people are actively using the app. Consumers could’ve downloaded the app to check it out and haven’t had the time to undownload it yet. Lifetime retention is a better way to scope how popular an app is, and Triller claims a lifetime retention rate of 26%, in comparison to TikTok’s 11%.

During these past thirty days, Triller has been downloaded 3,578,953 times but the company’s download data is a bit debatable. Apptopia’s numbers for July 23, 2020–August 2, 2020 state that Triller “had an average overall daily store ranking of 353 on Apple’s App Store and didn’t even rank in the overall category on Google Play for enough days to make it statistically relevant.” Because the app claims to have had 250 million downloads, they would’ve been a lot higher on that rank then they were.

In comparison to Triller, Tiktok has 800 million active users worldwide to date, and has to downloaded over 2 billion times from the App Store and Google Play. It was the most downloaded app in the Apple store in 2019, with over 33 million downloads. 41% of users are aged between 16 and 24, and users spend an average of an hour on the app every day. 5.5 times more adults use TikTok more than last year, and 90% of users access the app daily.

Although TikTok seems to be a bit more on the popular side, Triller is still a suitable option for advertisers. Because TikTok is so popular, it makes sense advertisers want to put their ads on similar apps. What about Triller, and advertising on this kind of app, makes sense? With the type of app Triller is, its functions being similar to TikTok makes sense why it’s as popular as it is and why individuals want to advertise there. Someone can become famous on TikTok, and seemingly similar apps, in seconds. It’s effortless to go viral on there, and there’s plenty of content for various types of people and personalities. It’s also simple to use. You pick a song, select the part of the music you want to use, and you can film your video with the tap of a button. Apps like Triller focus on organic growth, so it’s the easiest way for a brand to tell how well their content is fairing amongst young and old audiences alike. TikTok is also at risk of being banned in the United States, so its future as a company is uncertain. Because of its success, however, Triller is coming in to take its spot and advertisers know that with a similar format to TikTok, their ads have a high chance of doing well on the app.

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