Respect North American LCS

Well here we are again, another successful World Championships run and another reason for every other region to take a massive dump on our region. And they have every right to do so honestly. Our #1 seed, TSM, went 0-6 in the group stage and our #2 and #3 went 3-3 which ultimately was not enough even after showing strong performances. Now, here we are again in the offseason with almost every roster being complete and some hope on the horizon for our region. Arguably the greatest Western player of all time, Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković, is now the starting mid laner for Cloud 9. Team Liquid has bolstered their roster up by acquiring European top laner, Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris and Danish jungler Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen. Some other notable changes include the acquisition of Worlds finalist ‘SwordArt’ by TSM, 100 Thieves acquiring 4 out of 5 of Golden Guardians former players and then Flyquest doubling down on NA talent sporting an entirely North American roster with a lot of upside if things go right for them. With these changes there is definitely a lot to be excited for but will these changes actually make a difference for North America in the broader scheme of things especially when the higher tier teams are banking on imports rather than homegrown NA talent? I believe that teams like Cloud 9 and Team Liquid are doing what they think is best for achieving international success and I respect that but will the other regions respect our achievements if we succeed with rosters that are mainly imports? Or will true NA success come from having teams where there are only NA players who go against all odds and immortalize themselves all the while garnering the respect that NA has only dreamt of having? We will find out soon enough, as season 11 is right around the corner.

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