How WhatsApp is Streamlining In-App Shopping

Facebook is really good at moving the ecommerce businesses. Granted it’s helping ecommerce move their products, and in part, it’s stimulating the economy, but for shopaholics and impulse buyers- there’s no escape. The once ad-free, private messaging app, WhatsApp, is now being used as a tool to communicate with businesses. The new feature “Add to Cart” button is readily accessible. And just like that more than 175 million people used the service to message a WhatsApp Business account each day as of late October.

Will most people be forced to start their own internet side hustle in order to afford being marketed to in every inch? To date, there’s no real measure to establish criteria for excessive or uncontrolled buying, but professionals in psychology have already begun research.  Brands, through Facebook marketing platforms are capitalizing on an individual’s  “Strong beliefs that buying an object will lead to emotional security or that not purchasing the object will lead to a loss of opportunity…” says Dr Fassnacht who explains are some of the reasons why people can’t control their urges to buy.

Per Shopify data, “a whopping 92 percent of U.S. consumers have shopped online since the start of the pandemic, compared to 65 percent who have shopped in-store.” The pockets looks bleak for consumers with less self control. 

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