How Facebook is Helping Brands Adapt for the Mindful Consumer

Remember my post about Facebook being personified as the 21st century Peeping Tom? Well this post will speak on Facebook’s Mother Teresa personality. Facebook is again supporting brands by providing an insightful  report that will help them strategize for 2021 through meaningful connections with their consumers. Tip number one, “customers want to be thought of as humans, not consumers, and have their values and interests reflected in the companies they support. More than ever, they want the affirmation their purchasing power is being used to create positive change.” True, but I propose a gap in that theory.  This begs the question, will Facebook Users become more or less united by publicly endorsing brands that are forced to take a political stance? I am going to guess that since endorsement of brands is made out to the public eye via Facebook’s wall, or IG posts, some people might use it to create divisions in the workplace, at school, or even in the neighborhood. Back in the day, there was a one size fits all mode of advertising, but now agencies are going to be forced to dig deep into the company and individual values to successfully strategize for years to come.  

 “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier,”

  – –Mother Teresa Facebook. 

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