Facebook’s Testing an Instagram Content Calendar in its Creator Studio Tool

I noticed that Facebook is always looking for ways to increase their loyalty with it’s influencers and creators by adding all of “free” tools to optimize monetization, like this productivity-calendar-dashboard. Of course, nothing is free.  We know from lawsuits dating back since the problematic unveiling of their 2007 Beacon Program, that Facebook has had privacy issues with it’s user’s data. The public is constantly outraged and pins Facebook as the 21st Peeping Tom. However, not many influencers are out marching the streets demanding that Facebook “stop using their data.” Why? Because Facebook is strategically creating tools that will satisfy top influencers to “influence” (rolling my eyes) users to remain on their platform. It’s has become a quid pro quo relationship between influencers and the platform. As long as Instagram and its parent company Facebook keep providing tools that meet the influencer’s bottom line, who cares if Tom gets a little peak? Creepy, but true, 

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