Facebook’s 2020 Year in Review [Infographic]

Technological dystopianism hovers all around Facebook. The platform is tainted through some arguably unethical practices. It’s past is rocky and unsettling. It carries a history of questionable  corporate practices including allegations of spreading propaganda amidst the 2016 US Elections coupled with the widespread misinformation- debates that still trends today. However, the optimist in me sees how great a platform like Facebook could be world. This year end review posted by Facebook shows the true purpose for a platform like this. A series of infographics highlights that through digitization- in particular with Facebook’s telecommunication features, the world is united by social and environmental issues that plagues all of us.   Among them, a sign painted by a resident in Wyoming on the doors of her garage saying, “And the world came together, as people stayed apart.” It is the same sense of togetherness that thrives when a social media platform like Facebook is utilized. 

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