Facebook Over Antitrust Activity

Facebook is under the scope again with yet another lawsuit. Facebook is under fire for “neutrilizing” a competitor through the purchase of Instagram in 2012. If this lawsuit goes sour, Facebook may have to sell off Instagram. The public sees the Instagram acquisition as a way for Facebook to secure it’s monopoly on social media, and in part, they are right to think that. If we think about it, Facebook could become obsolete in the future if the younger generations do not interact with the platform. A 2018 Business Insider  article demonstrates that “Teen use of Facebook in the US continues to decline, and by 2022 is forecast to lose 2.2 million users ages 12-17.” The The Manifest published an article showing that only 36% of Gen Zers use Facebook once a week.  This means that aging populations like the boomers, and the xers will have to sustain the platform. Perhaps Facebook retires once the millennials do? To ensure perpetuity, Facebook relies on mergers and acquisitions to sustain its legacy. 

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