COVID Strikes Down ESSN eSports

Recently due to the financial struggles that have followed with being in a global pandemic for a year, ESPN has announced the termination of its eSports division. For many, this comes as a surprise when eSports has been growing at a tremendous rate as its own industry and coverage of it has become higher and higher in demand. Although popular competitive games like League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, and many other are garnering more and more fans you would think that ESPN would want to try and be the coverage leader for that but even if they wanted to it would be difficult with financial cuts having to be made like many other companies are having. Hopefully this is something that will be temporary as I believe that they were starting to come into their own as a brand and their content had a lot of upside but they are just another victim of COVID unfortunately. This could be another opportunity for another eSport coverage outlet to rise up and take over as the number 1 outlet, however it would be too difficult to do since there are so many different outlets and the development of coverage outlets within eSports organizations will only add to the fight for that sole spot. With all of that said, as an eSports fan I’m not complaining about the loss of ESPN eSports. This just opens up the door for other outlets to push out their content which is really exciting going forward!

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