Among Us

“What the hell is Among Us and why is everyone calling me ‘sus’??” – Someone  living under a rock. 

Now what actually is Among Us and how the hell did it get so popular so fast? The answer: Streamers. Before diving into how they made this game relevant after having a player base that was pretty much non-existent, I’ll ask again…what is Among Us??? Well after asking 3 times… Among Us is an online multiplayer deduction indie game that was made in 2018 by developer InnerSloth. The game can start between 4 and 10 players with which you can get only of two roles, Crewmate or Imposter. As crewmate, your job is to complete tasks before the impostor kills enough of the crewmates in order to win the game. As impostor, your job is to sabotage the crewmates and kill them all while looking identical to the crewmates. This small indie game blew up during the summer of this year due to popular content creators like DisguisedToast, Pokimane and many more streaming this game and playing it with fellow content creators. In the span of a few months, the game’s player activity jumped to insane numbers due to the streaming of the game during this summer and is still one of the most played/streamed games today. The inverse is also true funny enough with new content creators blowing up just as fast, content creators like Sykkuno and CorspeHusband have seen incredible growth to their respective communities mainly because of their Among Us content. The power of streamers in today’s society is becoming just as serious as Thanos with all of the infinity stones…but all jokes aside it is a real spectacle to see things like this happen and makes me wonder what game is next or if we will ever see as crazy as this.,similar%20to%20Mafia%20or%20Werewolf.&text=In%20the%20game%2C%20you%20play,and%20return%20back%20to%20Earth.

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